Food, Health-The Monographs

” In food , excellent medicine can be found, in food bad medicine can be found. Good and bad are relative.”

Hippocrates, De Alimento , about 400 BCE

Each monograph is subject to periodic updating. Date of latest version is shown at the start of each monograph.

Each monograph looks at a component of the nutrition and health matrix.

Data is drawn from peer reviewed papers with the aim of an overview of current positions of relationships beween food and health. The monographs do not offer any advice in the treatment of ailments. Firstly I am a biochemist, not a physician. Secondly, every individual is a complex of many functions and possible misfunctions, that requires complex unravelling . Thirdly I concentrate on nutrition as a driver. Many problems with health require chemical (pharmaceutical) intervention for optimum outcomes. Some foods, supplements and herbs interact with synthetic chemicals , in ways that can be dangerous. This requires expert advice which is not offered here. You may find items of personal interest . If this related to any health problems , best you discuss with a physician.

That being said, there will be a lot of information in The Monographs that is about staying healthy. I’ll look at a few myths and a few tweaks. Again I’ll refer to evidence , not hearsay or popular media.

The Monographs will be referenced so you can check sources yourself.

Let me know if there are topics you would like to see covered.

Coming very soon.

Functional biochemistry- What’s in our food and how do our bodies use it ?

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