There are many forms of alchemy . They are all about transformation . The alchemist might change the form of one substance to another . That is chemistry, not alchemy. The transformation that occurs is within the alchemist, who in the external process , alters the state of being to something greater, ultimately to an intimate connection with the universe itself.

Alembic still- based on the Arabic alchemical still of the Middle Ages.
Here a pilot distillation of 1.5kg Damask rose petals is distilled for 2 l rose hydrosol.
The hydrosol is the essence of the plant itself. The rose flower contains one of the most powerful and complex fragrance of any plant., and is a major component of the worlds most expensive perfumes.
Rosa Damascena Trigentepetala.
The is the rose from which is obtained Oil of Attar (or Otto)

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